I set up this website as somewhere to put together various resources, links, ideas and opinions. It is a hybrid of a blog (with articles by date) and wiki. And comes with a pretentious way of visualising the website.

I will put various things I'm interested in here which should include technology, programming, economics, data, science and more. Each article links to related articles and some kind of structure should 'emerge'. It also (unlike a blog) shouldn't be so obvious that I haven't updated it recently.

Me/My Websites

I make mobile apps. I have a developer blog and a short review site. I have been working on a large interdisciplinary EC-funded project to model financial crises.

I have an entire section/node devoted to technical and programming topics.


Programming Links 13/02/2014

Some counterinuitive tips on Programming

Android Privacy Policy 26/01/2014

My Android Privacy Policy.

On Agent Based Modelling 19/01/2014

Some tips on agent based modelling.

The Site


Since doing a half-CS (half-Maths) degree I've done quite a bit of work with software. I've lost count of the number of languages I've used.


I'm a Research Fellow at City University London in the economics department on a projected funded by the EC.


Facts, numbers, ideas, big, small, medium data. Open government, statistics and understanding. Machine learning and data mining.

Design and Art

Creation. Beauty. Aesthetics. Design. Form. Display. Arrangement. And some projects I have taken part in. Other pretentious things.


Some thoughts about Internet and web related topics. Design, frameworks, approaches and so on.


Various tips and tricks to make things work better. Hack your life, your computer and so on.


Thoughts and ideas on a range of subjects. A miscellaneous section.

My work


I've released quite a few Android Apps. These mostly focus on productivity and include a popular Android tablet journal and notepad, a Wikipedia browser and several task focused applications. I've done some work with iOS and various other technologies.


I've made or maintained various websites, though it has never been my main focus. These include student society sites, product pages and various personal and professional projects.


I am a Research Fellow at City University London in the Economics department working on the EC funded CRISIS project. My research involves both data analysis and economic model building.


I did my PhD in Economics and Complexity Science at the University of Warwick. This combined both Economic and Computational work. You can see my archived Warwick page.